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Yao Bian (Furnace Transmutation)
Yao Bian (Furnace Transmutation)

Yao Bian (Furnace Transmutation)

Ceramic planters have a wide variety of decorative techniques, and we will introduce one of them here today -- Yao Bian (Furnace Transmutation)

Glaze refers to the color of the ceramic surface, that is, the color of the glaze after firing. The different colors are formed because of the different proportions of metals in the glaze, and the effect of firing is also directly related to the appropriate kiln temperature.

The ratio of glaze is a very professional work, and the quality glaze plays a important role on the finishes.

The glaze are different not only in color, but also in fluidity. High-temperature glaze colors are usually a little more fluid. Generally,the glaze will flow when it exceeds the melting range of glaze.

Yao Bian is an artistic porcelain glaze and appreciated by people. It is an accidental colouring change in the kiln which will result unpredictable beautiful color and patterns on products.More specifically, because the firing temperature is different from the melting of the glaze itself, and the glaze is unstable, the Yao Bian effect comes out.

In indoor and outdoor decoration, Yao Bian ceramic planter is a very good choice.Whether the home decoration is Nordic style, Mediterranean style or Chinese style, the variety of glaze choice better meets the needs of different styles.At the same time, the randomness of this glaze also has a strong artistic expression. After a busy work, people can enjoy emotional communication with artwork at home. Natural, spontaneous and artistic planter/decoration will bring a refreshing feeling to people.

With the development of technology, Ancooly has achieved very good results in the performance of Yao Bian finishes. Combining contemporary fashion trends and customer needs, we will explore more Yao Bian effects and bring more wonderful works of art to customers in the future .

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