Steps for plant succulents
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Steps for plant succulents
Steps for plant succulents

As a flower pot manufacturer, we have accelerated a lot of experience with indoor china plant pots. Here are the steps for plant succulents:

  1. Prepare succulents, marble succulent planter, soil, water, and tools before planting.
  2. Put the grid on the drain hole, put the soil into the flower pot, and then pour water into the soil, the water should not be too much.
  3. When planting, remove the withered leaves on the plant and dig a small hole in the soil. Insert the root into the small hole and then covered with an appropriate amount of soil.
  4. Use a small soft brush to clean the dust on the leaf's surface.
  5. After 5 days, water the plants with a small amount of water.
  6. Tip: After watering in the later stage, it should be placed in a well lit and ventilated place. Attention: avoid direct sunlight in summer.

Steps for plant succulents

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