About Us

اينڪولي هڪ ڪمپني آهي جيڪا ڌاڙيلن جي ڊزائن ۽ پيداوار تي ڌيان ڏئي ٿي,جيڪو گراهڪن کي مقابلي واري شين ۽ خدمتن سان مهيا ڪرڻ لاءِ پرعزم آهي.

*12 Years of ceramic production experience:

Mastering a variety of molding craft technology: Rolling, High Pressure, Grouting, etc.
Combining the industry’s advanced spray painting, carving, kiln change and other technologies.
Share Competitive new products every month.

*8000 Square meter workshop

Supports forming, repairing,firing, quality inspection, warehousing and other processes.

*26 Production lines

Match to different forming requirements and surface treatment requirements at the same time.

Cooperative Partner

هاڻي تحقيق ڪريو