How to pot flowers
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How to pot flowers
How to pot flowers

How to pot flowers

1. The size of the flower pot should be selected according to the size of the flower, not too large or too small. If you are not sure the size, just consulting us - indoor china plant pots manufacturer

2. When loading the basin, first cover the drainage hole at the bottom of the basin with a thin arched tile to make the drainage smooth. Lay a layer of sandy granular soil at the bottom of the pot, and then fill it with cultivation soil.

3. The flower seedlings should be planted in the center of the painted succulent pots. After the surrounding soil is filled with culture soil, gently lift up 1 to 2 cm and shake the flower pot, so that the root system can be stretched, the soil and the root system are closely connected, and then use the fingers to press the potting soil. The potting soil should not be filled too much, generally need to leave 2 to 3 cm empty for easy watering. Do not plant flower seedlings too deep or too shallow. Immediately after planting, pour enough rooting water, and then put it in the shade for 1 to 2 weeks. Do not let the sunshine directly.





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