How to choose the flower pot material?
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How to choose the flower pot material?
How to choose the flower pot material?

Do you know how to choose flower pot material? Here are five types according to their material.


1.Ceramic Flower Pot

Due to the long history of ceramic craftsmanship, ceramic flower pots can be made in many shapes and colors. The surface of the ceramic flower pot is smooth, so it is easy to take care of. It is suitable for decorating your office, garden, and home. The moisturizing effect of the ceramic flower pot is very good, which is conducive to the growth of succulents.

But the air permeability of ceramic flower pots is not very good, so be careful not to water too much, and it is best to put the plants in a ventilated place.




2.Purple Clay Flower Pot

Purple clay flower pots are also called Yixing pots. Generally, they are more traditional in appearance, so they are not very popular with young people. However, purple clay flower pots have moderate ventilation and water retention, It is one of the most favorite flowerpot types for plant growers.


3.Terracotta Flower Pot

There are many tiny pores on the wall of the terracotta flowerpot, which is very good for water seepage and air permeability. It is good for the roots of flower plants such as roses and roses, but it is not suitable for growing succulents.


4.Cement Flower Pot

Cement flowerpots are very popular among young people because of their simple shape and Nordic style. However, its water permeability and air permeability are very close to those of ceramic flower pots. It is recommended to use cement flower pots to plant some plants that like moist soil such as succulents.



5.Metal Flower Pot

The texture of the metal flower pot gives people a modern and advanced feeling. But its basin wall has almost no pores, so the air permeability is very poor. However, its characteristics are very suitable for growing some plants such as ferns or mosses. If you can control the moisture conditions, it is also suitable for succulent.


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