Clay pots vs plastic pots: Which types of pots for plants is better?
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Clay pots vs plastic pots: Which types of pots for plants is better?
Clay pots vs plastic pots: Which types of pots for plants is better?

Which types of pots for plants is better? Are terracotta pots better than plastic? When it comes to an age-old debate, the options are often between a clay pot and plastic pot. Do you find yourself deciding what types of flower pots to purchase for your garden? What is the difference? So much fuss over two pots!

Clay pots vs plastic pots: Which types of pots for plants is better?

It is important to choose which type of flowerpot, because the drainage and air permeability of flowerpots of different materials are different. If plants are planted in right pots, they will grow better.

Undoubtedly, the drainage and air permeability of the flowerpot are of importance to the grower. Generally speaking, some plants that like moist soil are more suitable for planting in plastic pots, while plants that like dry soil are more suitable for planting in clay pots.

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1. Plastic pot for planter

In flower markets, plastic flower pots for sale is ubiquitous, which come in various shapes, colors, and sizes.

Although plastic flower pots with many drainage holes at the bottom, it can still be a problem for air permeability. If there is no hole on the side, it cannot ensure the air circulation but is of benefit to water preservation. Plastic pots are lightweight and easy to move. And the plastic pots for sale is cheap.

But when it comes to the shortcoming of plastic pots, it’s also obvious. Overexposure to sunlight can have a detrimental effect on the plastic pots, such as fading and brittleness. Beyond that, planting tall trees on the plastic pots can easily tip it over for its lightweight.

2.Clay pots for plants

There are two types of terracotta pots buy, one is the unglazed pottery clay pots, and the other is the glaze for clay pots.

Pottery pots are an excellent choice for plants. Best terracotta pots can retain the original color. According to the content of clay, they are divided into red terracotta pots, yellow clay plant pot, brown clay pots, white clay pot, etc.

The shortcomings of pottery pots are also obvious, that is, it is easy to crack. Especially when the temperature is relatively low, outdoor frost will easily cause the flower pots to crack.

Besides, large clay pots for sale is more difficult to move. Although the price of clay pots is low, it is slightly more expensive than the plastic flower pots price.

The other is the glazed pottery pot. The glazed pottery pot combines the benefit of terracotta pots and plastic pots. Its surface will look smoother, the color will be more gorgeous.

The glazed pots are relatively heavy that are not easy to tip over and move. They will also crack in a frosty environment. They are breathable and drainable, which are not as good as terracotta pots.

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What’s the ultimate debate?

Before cultivating flowers, we must take the drainage and air permeability of planter into consideration to choose the right type of flower pot for your plant. So, what it’ll be for you? A plastic pot or clay pot?

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